Forcible Entry Drill

Last month, Long Valley firefighters trained at the Schooleys Mtn Firehouse. Schooleys Mtn Fire owns a forcible entry door prop and allowed us to train with it. Members simulated the forcing of a locked door to gain entry. Tools used were the halligan bar and the flat head ax.        Click the images below … Read more

Naughright Road Brush Fire

Last night, Long Valley Fire was dispatched to Naughright Road for a brush fire behind a residence. Chief 1 was first to arrive and advised of an active fire in the woods and requested for the NJ State Forest Fire Service (NJFFS) to respond. Because of the rapid growth of the fire, Chief 1 also … Read more

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Car vs Pole on East Valley Brook

Early Tuesday morning, Long Valley Fire was dispatched to assist with the Long Valley First Aid Squad at a motor vehicle accident (MVA) on East Valley Brook Road. Chief 1, Captain 1, and Long Valley Engine 1-1 responded to the scene and found one sports car overturned with downed wires on the vehicle. After the … Read more

Windy Day Brush Fire

Last week, Washington Township Fire Companies were dispatched to East Valley Brook Road for the report of a brush fire. Fairmount Engine 2-1 was first to arrive and advised Long Valley Engine 1-2 to expedite to the seen. Due to the wind, the fire jumped to different locations in the woods and spread quickly. Both engines … Read more

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Sherwood Park Fire

Last night, Fire Companies and the First Aid Squad were dispatched for a Chimney fire in Sherwood Park. Long Valley Chief 1 was the first to arrive followed by Fairmount Chief 1 and found there to be extension showing through the exterior vinyl siding. Long Valley Engine 1-1 and Engine 1-2 were the first arriving … Read more

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Flocktown Road Chimney Fire

Over the weekend, Washington Twp Fire Companies were dispatched for a Chimney Fire on Flocktown Road. The first arriving officers reported an active chimney fire with a smoke condition. Long Valley Engines 1-1 and 1-2 crews operated on the first floor and around the firebox as Schooleys Quint 3-9 and Engine 3-1 crews operated on … Read more

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