Why We Do It?

Firefighters put their lives on the line to protect other people's property and lives.
One might ask, "Why do we do it? Why do we choose to take such dangerous work? Why do we expose ourselves to daily risk of injury or possible death?"
When there are fires, explosions and disasters, most people will flee and run away from it. Firefighters, however, run towards them.
When disasters strike, firefighters are there to save us. And most firefighters are volunteers.
We do it for our families, friends, neighbors, friends of friends, strangers, etc.
Because these people are what make up a fire department.
These people are what make up our family. It begins with a family.
Family passed down from generation to generation…
And to future generations…
And to first generations of firefighters…
A family that will never be broken…
A family confronted by challenges on a daily basis…
We strive for perfection
We run into the fight
We stand together as One
And we will never forget why we do it