Membership Information

Interested in Becoming a Member? 

The Long Valley Fire Company is always looking for new members. One way of becoming a member is by contacting us via the e-mail address located on our "Contact Us" page. Applicants for active membership must be at least 18+ years of age unless applying for Junior Membership (16+)

Another way is by stopping in on our drill night (second Tuesday of every month at 7pm) or our monthly meeting night (first Thursday of every month at 8pm). 


Membership Application

The process of becoming a member takes approximately one month of review. After the application review, the applicant will then be voted into the fire company at the monthly meeting by our active members. During the application process, the applicant may attend our monthly drill to experience and witness firefighter training. 

Click the links below for our membership and township ID applications:


Junior Membership

Want to get a jump start on your experience as a firefighter? The Long Valley Fire Company offers a Junior Membership program to applicants above the age of 16. Junior members will learn first hand the roles and responsibilities of becoming a firefighter. Junior members will receive firefighting gear, training, and endless opportunities on the fireground. 

Required Training

All members are required to attend the Firefighter I class offered by the Morris County Public Safety Training Academy. These classes are offered throughout the year and will teach firefighting skills and operations at the scene of an emergency incident. The course consists of 150 hours of hands on firefighter training. The NJ Division of Fire Safety will administer a final exam at the end of the course. The final exam includes a written and practical section. The student must attain a 70% in both sections in order to pass the exam. 

The Morris County Public Safety Training Academy also offers a firefighting class to junior members. Junior Firefighter I will consist of 150 hours which includes every aspect of the Firefighter I program minus power tools (chainsaw, K12 saw). Upon completion of this course, a Firefighter I certificate will be issued on the recruit's 18th birthday. Proof, in writing, that the student successfully completed power tool operations with their department must be given to the academy.  

For more information, visit the Morris County Public Safety Training Academy website at: