Training to become a fire fighter is very challenging. The science of extinguishing fires is more complex than most people imagine. Firefighters must remain mentally alert at all times to cope with the various situations that may be encountered.

The Long Valley Fire Company follows a series of well-organized guidelines known as SOGs (Standard Operating Guidelines)/ SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures).

Here are some of the SOGs/SOPs:

1.       Be safe. Safety is always the uppermost in our minds. Keep yourself safe. Keep your teammates safe. Keep the public we serve safe.

2.       Follow orders. Your officers have more training and experience.

3.       Work as a team. Fighting fires requires the coordinated efforts of all department members. Teamwork is essential to success.

4.       Think! Lives will depend on the choices made.

5.       Follow the Golden Rule. Treat each team member, victim, or citizen as an important person or as you would treat a member of your own family. Everyone is an important person or family member to someone, and everyone deserves your best efforts.

Firefighting has come a long way over the years. The first firefighters used muscular strength and endurance to pass buckets or operate a hand pumper. Since then, equipment has become more complex. Firefighters now operate high-tech, costly equipment such as apparatus, radios, thermal imaging devices (A high-tech device used to find objects that give off heat), and self-containing breathing apparatus (SCBA; Air packs used to enter a hazardous atmosphere). The increased complexity of such technology sharpens the need for firefighters to continually train for any potential hazards.

The 2nd Tuesday of every month at 1900 hours (7pm), The Long Valley Fire Company practices their skills through drills. The drills include apparatus testing, simulations, fitness tests, new classes, and testing of equipment. Anyone interested in becoming a firefighter may come attend and watch our company drill. Please in advance though, anyone interested in attending, please contact us so that we know how many people and so that we can make accommodations.