Good Luck, Kevin

Earlier today, Long Valley Fire Company escorted Probationay Firefighter Kevin Moore Junior to the United States Army Recruitment Center in Hackettstown. Kevin, the community and fire company family wish you the best of luck and than you for your dedication to protect and serve.

Electrical Fire

Thursday afternoon at 15:23 Washington Township Fire Department was dispatched to an electrical fire in the basement of a residential dwelling. Crews for Engine 1-1 found that a water pump in the house had short circuited and began to malfunction. After informing the home owner of their findings crews from Engine 1-1, Fairmount Engine 2-1, and Schooleys Mountain Quint 3-9 began to vent the location to remove an odor of smoke from the residence. Crews were released by command at 15:55.

Dryer Obstruction

At 0804 this morning the Washington Township fire Department was dispatched to smoke coming from a residential building. Schooleys Mountian Chief 2 arrived on scene and confirmed smoke showing from the eves of the building. Long Valley engine 1-2 arrived on scene and stretched a hand line to investigate the source of the smoke. After an investigation, crews determined the source of the smoke was caused by an obstruction in the dryer vent. Crews operated for approximately 30 minutes clearing the blockage from the vent. There was no damage to the structure. Long Valley’s crew was assisted by fire fighters from Fairmount Fire Company and Schooleys Mountain Fire Protection Agency.

2023-2024 Officers

The Long Valley Fire Company is Pleased to announce the line officers for the year 2023. The line officers were officially sworn in on January 1st alongside line officers from the Schooleys Mountain Fire Company, Fairmount Fire Company, and the Long Valley First Aid Squad. Congratulations to all, we wish you the best!

Truck Fire

Washington Township was dispatched to a reported vehicle fire in the area of Pleasant Grove Road. Long Valley Chief-1 arrived on scene and confirmed a working vehicle fire. Crews from Long Valley Fire Company 1, Fairmount Fire Company 2, and Schooleys Mountain Fire Company 3 worked to extinguish the fire. Crews operated on scene for … Read more